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"I will protect you, not because I’m ordered to, but because I choose to, as the first thing I’ll do using my own free will


Transfusions update!

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Idk some banana Twitter doodles


"my last will and testament. now erase me from the world."

Happy Birthday, Kaworu Nagisa! [13.09.14]

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Get to know me  [2/5] -male characters- Sports. 

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"In the end no matter how far apart they are, no matter how much they clash, they end up returning to each other"

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[reads summary of fic] THIS IS WHAT I WANT
[reads first 10 words of fic] this is not what i want

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Don't get me wrong, I love makoharu and sourin is cool, but there's just something so special about reigisa. I think it's because the bonds between makoto & haruka and sousuke & Rin already existed before the series began so they already know each other so well, but Rei and Nagisa never knew each other before, and only met because Nagisa was trying to get new members. We actually see development from when Nagisa called him "Ryugazaki-kun" and Rei saying he won't call him Nagisa to this...(contd)


Aw I’m sad the rest of this got cut off (I never received the end) but I love where you were going with it! It definitely does make their relationship special that we’ve been able to see it develop from less than acquaintances to how codependent they are now. There are so many concrete indicators of shifts in their relationship, from names, like you said, and to physical space, too. Especially for Rei, who is more formal and closed off. 

We go from Rei stepping away from Nagisa as he invades his space in episode 3



They begin to sit directly next to each other on the train and usually a lack of physical closeness relates directly to internal feelings of uncertainty and conflict. 

And their physical contact started off so conservative and got so fucking shameless (though we never do get a hug)

So it’s definitely an appeal of the ship, watching them develop together. I

t’s also nice to see people who are unconvetionally attacted to/comfortable with each other. Haru and Makoto have a mutual understanding because they grew up together and know each other so well, similar to Rin and Sousuke (Rin actually says Sousuke knows him better than he knows himself in High Speed). 

Comparatively, Rei and Nagisa aren’t close and don’t know each other well, and have to get to know each other’s personalities in and out and figure out how to work together as the sweet duo they are. They’re such an unlikely pair on the surface yet balance each other in very unique and unexpected ways, and that’s what I find so attractive. 


Akaashi, Kuroo said they’ll beat our team like no big deal so I couldn’t just leave it like that!!!

I can’t believe I spent so much time on a thing this stupid.


There are other galaxies that we’ve never seen because they’re so far away that since the universe began there hasn’t been enough time for their light to reach us. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Source


하이큐 로그3 | RM
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